Avico Logistic Services, is an International Freight Forwarder, IATA agent and NVOCC operator.
Operational Branches:

Brazil, Greece, Israel, Mexico

wHAt's our story?


Provide our customers with the ability to compete in today’s challenging economy by delivering competitive edge pricing and service excellence.

Avico logistic services

Avico Logistic Services, inc has been active in international freight forwarding since 1999.

By providing products of ocean freight, air freight and logistics, our clients get comprehensive custom-made supply chain solutions that make a difference for their business.

Our wide spread of offices enables us to provide our customers with low cost, short reaction time and personal service.

We assign every customer his own personal experts to ensure availability, efficiency and close relationship, while our contacts in both central and distant ports enhance flexibility and compatibility. 

Avico Logistic Services team uses advanced and reliable information systems that can track any shipment and provide the clients with accurate data.


Avico Logistic Services, Inc is committed to business integrity, loyalty to our customers and cultivation of human capital. We pursue to maintain our continuous growth while implementing this values at each one of our worldwide branches.